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Fast times are now listed by track records set since 2009, not by fastest lap for each year. If you have any questions, please feel free to call Carol at: 559.816.3846.

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03/21/15 Micro Sprints Results
03/28/15 Micro Sprints Results
04/11/15 Micro Sprints Results
04/18/15 Micro Sprints Results
05/02/15 Micro Sprints Results
05/16/15 Micro Sprint Results
05/22/15 TACHI PALACE NATIONALS Night 1 Results
05/23/15 TACHI PALACE NATIONALS Night 2 Results
06/13/15 Micro Sprint Results
07/11/15 CA Speedweek Results
07/25/15 Micro Sprint Results
08/08/15 Micro Sprint Results
08/22/15 Micro Sprint Results
08/29/15 MIcro Sprint Results
09/12/15 BUDWEISER Grand Prix Results