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There was no time to look at Montreal airport. All attention was focused on passing the passport and customs control without knowing French. In the vague memories were only scant knowledge of English. Therefore, very worried. But at the very first contact with the passport control officials, all the unrest passed, because they met us the way they were met by close relatives who finally waited for our arrival. They found a worker who spoke Russian, though not very well. But still everything became clear. But I was again very upset when I put my signature in the wrong column and thus spoiled the form. Blank was with a photo, but I didn’t have a spare one. In Russia, this would be just a disaster. Where to go? Where to take pictures? When will the photos be ready? But in Canada, this was resolved very simply: the officer who dealt with our passports immediately brought a camera, and after 2-3 minutes a new form with a photo was ready. From this point on, I realized that in Canada civil servants work in a completely different way: they do not quibble, do not create problems, but, on the contrary, do everything to resolve any problems and, at the same time, still smile pleasantly. We practically did not even notice the passage of customs.

Then we were told that on Monday we were to arrive in Quebec by 10 o’clock at the address indicated to us in order to receive any documents. I very much doubted the execution of this instruction, since we arrived in the afternoon of Friday, followed by two non-working days. And we were instructed to passport control service, and it will be necessary to appear in a completely different service for 300km. from montreal But still we came to the address indicated. And what was our surprise when at exactly 10 o’clock we were invited into the office and handed over ready-made social cards. This is how the state apparatus in Canada works. And this is not window dressing for visitors to Canada. This is a work system. I was repeatedly convinced of this. For example, registering a car and getting state numbers on it took me no more than 10 minutes. At the same time, the whole procedure, including payment of state duty and receipt of the state number itself, was carried out in one window. And when the validity of the driver’s license and health insurance card expired, their re-issuance also took no more than 10 minutes, and also in one window. At the same time, the employee who accepted the documents for renewal immediately took a picture of me. I received the finished documents by mail within a week.

Mail in Canada also works perfectly. Mail send any documents, including passports. Everything except the Russian consulate. To obtain documents at the Russian consulate, you must drive 300 km. in montreal. Once we sent the documents received at the consulate by mail to Russia. The path of our letter across Canada was tracked without problems, but in Russia it was immediately lost. Later, from the TV news we learned that a lot of correspondence from abroad had accumulated on the sorting of Russian mail, so the management of the post office attracted additional forces, and everything will be disassembled within a month. But then it was reported that there was a fire and everything just burned out.