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The church strictly monitored not only the spiritual loyalty and credibility of each parishioner, but also boldly invaded their family and personal lives. The “frivolous” marriages with the Anglophones were forbidden, and the growth process of the French-speaking family was subjected to the strictest control. For this reason, all families had many children, usually 10-14 children each. This policy of the church led to the birth of a large number of handicapped children. I think that it was precisely this fact that led to the people being so quickly alienated from the church. The same tough control of the church over the citizens, perhaps, can explain the high discipline and law-abiding Canadians. 

Sports achievements of Canadians in the world arenas of sports can not be too high, except, of course, hockey. In this sport, they are the undisputed leaders. But I personally prefer not even these successes of Canadians, but their general attitude towards physical education. Not only in big cities, but also in small settlements there are a sufficient number of children’s and sports grounds with tennis courts, basketball, volleyball and football fields, and even with swimming pools. The use of them, of course, free. And most importantly they are not empty. And I have never seen companies drinking beer on them. But it is very often possible to meet in parks and even just on the streets of people running, or people walking in sports. Those. for physical education all the conditions are created here and people are happy to do it. I think that this is more important than all sports achievements. 

So I basically listed everything that I really liked in Canada, but there are other facts that, frankly, surprised and disappointed. So, for example, while still in Russia, when I got acquainted with Canada in absentia, I learned from a Canadian (lawyer by profession) that in Canada, school education is free and free of tap water. Last I was very surprised. How can water be free? After all, it must be mined, cleaned, pumped. But he explained to me that there is a lot of fresh water in Canada, this is her property, so they use it for free. For every Canadian, there is one freshwater lake. But, having lived in Canada for some time, I realized that it was not at all the case, that it was a delusion of Canadians. Just the cost of water is not collected from users of water, but is included in the property tax. Thus, Canadians created the illusion of free water. And in fact, it turns out some kind of primitive communism: everyone pays not for what they consume, but for what the entire “collective farm” has consumed. So consumed water, or not, still pay. In general, some kind of water surplus. And even worse, water is paid for, which the water supplying organization has pumped somewhere, and this water has not reached even the “collective farm”. In addition, I learned that all water resources actually belong not to Canadians, which they are so proud of, but belong to the English crown.