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Free school education also turned out to be an illusion: regardless of whether you have schoolchildren or not, you must pay school tax. Thus, since the parents of schoolchildren do not separately pay for the education of their children, but pay only for the school bus, then their education is considered“free.” And we, who have nothing to do with schools, pensioners who receive a pension in Russia, who do not have any income in Canada, annually pay school tax. And for 5 years, this tax has doubled. So in 2012 it amounted to 250, and in 2017 534. This is another example where Canadians do not pay for themselves, but for the entire commune. Education in universities in Quebec, compared with other provinces of Canada, and especially from the United States, is considered the lowest and amounts to about 2,000 per semester. By the way, I will give another tuition fee. To get driving license for heavy vehicles, you need to spend 8,000 on training.

With a free heart surgery for me, everything is not so free either. It turned out that everyone working in Canada pays rather large sums to the health insurance fund (through which I was operated). So my daughter, for example, pays 140 a month. In this regard, I was suspicious why we were given a visa to move to Canada to support my daughter only 5 years after the request for it. Perhaps they were waiting for their daughter’s contributions to theinsurance fund to reach some minimum value for our “free” treatment. Thus, the funds for “free” education and treatment in Canada are created by the citizens themselves from their own income, and in the Soviet countryfunds for this were allocated from the state budget.

From the very first days of our stay in Canada, we were surprised by the order of calculations in stores. If you, having 100 dollars in your wallet, pick up the goods for the same amount, then at the checkout you will get into an awkward position, since you will be asked for 115 dollars. This price increase is called dachshunds here. Thus, if you are told that low-paid workers in Canada are exempt from taxes, do not believe it, because they pay 15% sales tax. And for highly paid workers (with an income of more than 40,000 dollars a year) it turns out to be quite sad: 50% 15%. Like this. But this Canadians do not notice and continue to enjoy the “free” services of the state. Let me remind you that in Russia today the tax is only 13%. And here in the shops we, without having any Canadian income, pay the sales tax of 15%.