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One of the most legendary areas of Canada Vancouver. It would seem that the city is still “nursery” – it has not crossed a three-century boundary, but history, antiquities and other attendant interesting things are available on this territory. Gestown is a storehouse of the above.

It is not surprising that the historical center of the city is located in its very center. Once inside Gestown, you seem to fall into the past, at a time when Vancouver was just emerging. Ancient buildings take you to the era of Queen Victoria, the narrow streets loop, wrap and dive into the gateways. If you are careful and follow the white rabbit, you will find yourself in some patio, and there – in one of the best restaurants or shops in Vancouver. Gestown from dusk to dawn is filled with tourists, and now we know that this is quite justified.

What can be seen in this area?

Talkative Jack, whose name bears the entire area. Jack Dayton was the first settler of this place, the people around him nicknamed him Gassi (a chatterbox, that is). The fact is that Jack was able to answer the question about the weather or affairs in a monologue more voluminous “War and Peace.” He didn’t even care if people were listening, the main thing was to speak. Now, the statue of the chatty Dayton flaunts in Maple Tree Square.

A steam clock that “winds up” from a generator hidden underground. This watch is a symbol of Vancouver. They beat every quarter of an hour, and hourly issue a steam stream. Cool? But they created the mechanism back in the 19th century! Do you know why? To save the area. They wanted to demolish him. Short-sighted people who were in power in those days.

Hotel “Europe”, dating from the dawn of the last century. This “house” was the first building of the city, refractory materials were used in the construction. Today the hotel does not accept guests, but no one can forbid to make out the “old man” from the outside. Look at the Italian tiles and lead glass on the windows.

Museum dedicated to the secrets of the local police. An unusual institution is located in the depths of Gestown. It consists of a morgue, an autopsy department and other police “interesting places”. You can compare serial cops and their real work two times – look at the Police Museum. Here, false coins will be shown to you, both weapons and unsolved cases, coupled with evidence.

If the darkness and nooks and crannies are not for your nerves, go to Elizabeth’s park, it is located in the highest place of the city, which means panoramic views are provided.

Gestown – an abundance of shops, designer boutiques, tourists adore them no less than museums. A comparison is good. Often, to buy some little thing, you have to sell the apartment, but to gawk – for free.

In the summer, a jazz festival of international scope arrives in the area.