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The following fact, which made a shocking impression on me, is the almost complete absence of smokers in Canada. I tried to find smokers in crowds of many thousands at various public events: sports competitions, air shows, rodeos, etc. Maximum consisted of no more than 14 people. And not a single case of a meeting with drunk or scandalous people. Everywhere, everyone politely waits for their turn, even if this crowd of thousands of people is seated in free buses that carry them from public events. But someone, surely, is in a great hurry somewhere. But he will not run ahead of others.

In Canada, unlike in Europe, I have not met a single pay toilet. In any cafe, restaurant, large store, gas station toilets are available for everyone, not just for customers. In the cafe is not necessarily something to order. You can just sit and read the newspaper. And students sit for hours at the computers, apparently, perform their term papers.

Dressing up Canadians is very simple. Sometimes, from our point of view, even too simple. For example, a professor could come to the beach flip flops to French classes where we went for a while. Then we got used to it. Indeed, it may be more convenient in them in the heat. There is no chase for fashion here. It seems that it is simply not there. No makeup, even with painted lips, women are very rare. Very rare and stiletto heels. All go mainly in sneakers, jeans, T-shirts, jackets. In winter, many people prefer not one insulated jacket or coat, but two regular jackets, but always with a hood. Those. in the first place among Canadians is convenience. Comparing the cool attitude of Canadian French women to Parisian fashions, I realized that the intensified imposition of fashion in the USSR was deliberate, in order to envy and adore the West.

Well, how not to praise the highways? Federal roads are two lanes in one direction and two in the other. And between them there is a gap of 30-50 meters, mostly forests. Even if you want to go to the oncoming lane nothing happens. Hence the low accident rate on the roads. In addition, signs on internal roads, practically at all intersections, are installed, obliging to stop before entering the intersection. And, oddly enough, everyone fulfills this requirement. At any time of the year, the roads are completely clean. In winter there is a lot of snow. But it is so quickly removed that it may give the impression that snowfall just bypasses the road. The permissible speed on the highways is 100 km h, but no one stops for exceeding 120 km h. Travel on all roads of Canada is free. As the roads, especially minor ones, it is clear that all the funds allocated for their repair are being fully utilized. So the budget is not stolen. Neither I nor my acquaintances met with the facts of extortion from the road services or any other structures. All officials value their service, because she provides them with very high social security.