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Insurance companies also work very well. All payments for insured events are paid without any red tape, quickly and in full. All residents of the province of Quebec, not even citizens yet, but having only a residence permit, are provided with health insurance. In other provinces this is not. This means that any serious health problems will be resolved free of charge, due to the insurance fund. So I underwent an operation to bypass the coronary vessels of the heart. But on the fifth day, after such a complex operation, I was discharged from the hospital. Apparently save the insurance fund. True, further I was watched by a nurse. She also removed the seams at home.

If there are traffic accidents, then no one here is looking for the perpetrators of this accident. It is believed that any accident is an accident for all its participants. True, there are almost no obvious violators of traffic rules. Therefore, they simply pay insurance, and those who have received a disability are paid a pension.

In Canada, all motorists do not care at all about the quality of gasoline, because gasoline of the same high quality at all gas stations. And in general, frank hack-work is probably not. In Russia, this is a lot of problems. At one time, I personally ruined the engine of my car, pouring in it, bought in a store, motor oil, which turned out to be a fake. In Canada, a purchased item in a store will be taken back without any problems if you decide to return it, even without any specific explanation of the reason for the return.

In Canada, environmental concerns are visible. Animals are used to this. There are no stray dogs and cats anywhere, but a squirrel, raccoon, or deer can wander around. And migratory geese behave simply as domestic. I visited the place of their usual holiday. We drove slowly, and they took off only when the car approached them about 5 meters away. Even toilets were installed on the hiking trails in the forest.

And individual houses in small towns where there is no centralized sewage system are equipped with local sewage treatment plants. They are serviced and cleaned by municipal services according to their schedules, only notifying the homeowner of the date of work. There are no centralized heat supply systems in large cities. All houses are provided with heat and hot water from the house heating system. They operate automatically using electricity or diesel. Both systems are often used, depending on the outdoor temperature.